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We're very aware each client has a list of wants, but need to meet that list with a budget. We are especially good at finding the exact apex of those two missions.......Get the home that lives and functions as you dreamed within a budget that lets you sleep at night.

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Iron Key is known for its innovative implementation of project management techniques and controls that move a project forward on time and within budget. We also understand the importance of keeping all project participants informed with up-to-date progress reports to gauge a project's status.

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We currently own several Lots in Golden, Colorado. Bring us your home plan and we'll work with you to seamlessly integrate your plan into one of our lots, where available.

Don’t have a specific floor plan in mind? Choose from one of our existing models.

If you’ve already purchased a plot of land and are wondering how to begin, just give us a call. We'll be happy to look at your property and discuss your options.



Is your basement only used as a utility and storage space? If so, let the Iron Key team transform it, from the initial planning through the detailed design and quality construction, a beautifully finished living area your whole family can enjoy isn't far way, and NOT as expensive as you might think.
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